Julian Casablanca via The Strokes <3
  • jimmy page: can i-
  • me: yes
  • jimmy: maybe we could-
  • me: yes
  • jimmy: why dont we-
  • me: SURE

Hanging out with you was so great because of the fact you made me forget about my phone. You’re now my new favorite person.

Love shouldn’t be the definition of ones true feelings. Cause it’s a faze, “I liked you for a bit but now I’m over you and totally started digging someone else” that’s how shit really goes. Get love out of your head fucker.



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David Gilmour, Pink Floyd: Festival de Musique, Saint-Tropez, 1971

I would of had some crazy sex with him back in the day given the chance.

I’m bustin you outta this joint

50/68 photos of David Gilmour