Decisions decisions.

So I’ve decided to start an open
blog/website that includes articles I’ve written about artists and bands I’ve interviewed. It’s free, and just light hearted stuff to help promote creative minds all over the interwebs :3 

If anyone is interested and I mean ANYONE! Or if you know anyone that would be interested please send them my way!
Write me asap! Email me at
With any websites that involve your artwork/music etc.
or links to your band page and then we can either talk via phone and I can ask you a few questions; basically interview you, or email you questions to answer whatever you prefer.

All is welcome, all is beauty.
Have a wonderful day lovelies :)

Seriously what in the living fuck is wrong with people



Sext: I got you tickets to Beach Goth


screen printed poster for the Growlers, printed at noorderzon 2014.

Mick Jagger “Fur Hood” by David Bailey, 1964

Led Zeppelin // Led Zeppelin / 1969 / ATL 40 031

they look like the lost boys from peter pan

hot boys